Monique Hordijk   

Caring heart 


Hi there, my name is Monique and I have a caring heart on offer...

That sounds a bit geeky but it is literally what I do: I'm looking for ways to combine mnursing background, my expertise on health and medical matters and my strong social skills to help others. More specific: I'm trying to get in touch with British elderly who are in need of extra care and attention

During the pandemic we've all been struggling with shielding, self isolation, distancing and all sorts of Covid rules - for some it meant no contact with others at all. But luckily the community spirit grew strong and together we pulled through. Now that the world is slowly returning to its normale pace we rush back to work and school and our busy lives. Despite our good intentions we easily forget those who still need extra care and attention. 

My aim is to make a difference here and that is why I put 'my caring heart' on offer: just for a call or a chat, a coffee, a visit or an outing, some tender loving care.  

Here you can read how I can be of use to you, your partner, a friend, family member, neighbour, etc. 

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