Monique Hordijk   

Caring heart 

Who I am 

I am 55 years old and I live with my husband and two adolescent children in Holland. As a teenager I have spent many holidays all over Britain and I just loved it: the people, the language, the beautiful countryside and coastline, all the lovely little villages, the National Trust, BBC Drama, fish & chips, the pubs, ... Being in the UK is my heart’s desire and I try to make a trip at least once a year - with each visit my love for England grows stronger. I have explored other ways of being in the UK like housesitting, live-in care and other jobs but due to Covid, Brexit and being Dutch it is difficult… Because I like talking English I started a conversation exchange some years ago with British people who wanted to learn Dutch. I also kept in touch with several elderly I met during my holidays. I make regular phone calls to them to check if they are okay and to lend them an ear. I am interested in people in general but specifically in elderly - caring just comes natural to me.

What I do 

Originally I was trained as a state registered nurse and I have experience with several specialties. Later in life I switched to commerce and worked for different medical companies - I have also done a lot of research and writing for medical publishers. Currently I work at a medical company which supplies life support devices to people with respiratory insufficiency due to neurological or physical malfunction (e.g. ALS). Besides looking after my own family and home, I am a carer for my parents and in-laws (ages between 82-89). Due to my expertise and working experience I can help them with all sorts of questions, problems and struggles day-to-day life brings.   


How I can help

As I said I have a caring heart on offer: it just gives me great pleasure to help people out. I would love to get in touch with British elderly to support them during these confusing Covid times. I could:

  • make regular phone calls  
  • get in 'personal' contact by Skype, Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp
  • advise on health issues, use of medicine, doctors or hospital appointment, etc.
  • help out with all sorts of questions, problems and struggles day-to-day life brings
  • visit, go for a coffee, be a companion or go on outings during my holidays 

People would describe me as smart, social, 'easy going', empathic, cheerful, positive. I love cooking, reading, pets, hiking, sailing, BBC drama television – and I love England!

So if you (or someone you know) live in the UK and are in need of some tender loving care I would gladly make a difference. Here's how you can get in touch.   


Monique Hordijk  |  Wulverhorst 21  |  3401 HB IJsselstein NL  | T   00 31 6 43134014  |  E